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Associate Online Content Editor - Psychology Today 2021

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List of 111 reviewed and copyedited blog posts by Vanessa for the month of December, 2021 with over 4 million total views.

USAID & Jhpiego Curriculum, 2011

Project for Jhpiego – An Affiliate of Johns Hopkins

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Over 3 months, Vanessa built over 100 pages of public health curriculum, that was ultimately standardized by the Ministry of Health Rwanda. By the second year of implementation, the curriculum reached over 15,000 people with HIV/AIDS messages and 10,832 people with family planning messages.


"On a USAID, multi-million-dollar project, Vanessa developed innovative, culturally appropriate curriculum. She demonstrated an excellent work ethic and high level of initiative," – Juliet MacDowell, New Program Development Coordinator, Jhpiego 2011


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APA Format, 2011

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An APA formatted essay discussing how poverty affects learning and cognition.

News Brief 2021 Sample

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Sample of news brief for the ground breaking of a transitional foster care facility in Indiana (approximately 500 words).

Mobile Comply Curriculum ~ Mobile App Development

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Mobile Comply, a provider of education and certification programs for connected transportation systems, autonomous vehicles, and automotive cybersecurity, commissioned Vanessa to develop and deliver mobile app development and security curriculum.

Macomb Community College, 2014-2015

Adjunct Psychology Professor


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Vanessa created curriculum modules for teaching psychology, she designed graphics included in the slides like the Information Processing Model on slide 3.


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“Globalization and Sorting Students: Equal Opportunities in the Education of Urban and High Ability Learners,” International Globalization, Diversity, & Education Conference, Spokane WA. Feb., 2014
“(Re)Imagining Community and (Re)Claiming Inclusion from Exclusion?” International Globalization, Diversity & Education Conference, Spokane WA, Paper Presentation, February, 2014
“Grounded School Choice in Uganda: Community Building from the Bottom to the Top,” American Educational Studies Association (AESA) Annual Conference, Baltimore, MD. October, 2013
Assessing the Potential for Sustainable Education in Uganda Through Considering School Choice and Sustainable Community Development,” Comparative International Education Society (CIES) Annual Conference, New Orleans LA. March 2013
“Academically Gifted Adolescents Transferring to an Independent Gifted School: Effects on Academic Identity,” Mid-Western Educational Research Association (MWERA) Annual Meeting, Evanston IL. October, 2012
“Effective Teaching Strategies,” Kukanga Primary School, Mityana Uganda. May, 2012
“Academically Gifted Adolescents Transferring to an Independent Gifted School: Effects on Academic Identity,” Eastern Michigan University Graduate Research Fair. March, 2012
“Improving Health in the Workplace Around Nyungwe National Park,” Rwanda, Africa. May, 2011
“Relationships Among Technological Communication, Learning and Social Development,” Eastern Michigan University Graduate Research Fair. March 2010. Link to poster.

Potential Plus, U.K., 2013

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In collaboration with The Lorna Young Foundation


Vanessa collaborated with a small group to create a 'Guide to Higher Learning Potential - Gifted Children' which was distributed to all, over 30,000, UK schools in January 2013.


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Copyedited Blog Sample, 2021

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AESA 2013 Presentation

American Educational Service Agencies: AESA


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After being selected as the only student to attend a research project in Uganda, Vanessa presented on Grounded School Choice in Uganda: Community Building from the Bottom to the Top in Baltimore 2013.

Macomb Community College, 2014-2015

Adjunct Psychology Professor


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Vanessa created detailed syllabi for psychology courses she taught, including Introduction to Psychology, Personality, Cognition, Social Psychology, and Qualitative Methods. 


Her syllabi serve as a technical manual for how to navigate APA style writing, how to access her online course information, and rubrics.


As a psychology professor, Vanessa assessed and utilized learning management systems (LMS) ANGEL, Blackboard, and Canvas.


Click Here for Letter of Reference From Macomb Community College

Graduate Research Fair, EMU, 2012

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Graduate Research Fair - Relationships Among Technological Communication, Learning, and Social Development


Poster presented at Eastern Michigan University Graduate Research Fair 2012. Created using PowerPoint.




Professional Writing

Lancaster, V. (2013). Experiences of administrators from independent schools with students who transition from under-resourced urban systems. Unpublished Qualitative Study.
Lancaster, V. (2012). Academically gifted adolescents transferring to an independent gifted school: Effects on academic identity. Unpublished Master’s Thesis.
Longden, C., Connor, G., & Lancaster, V. (2012). Potential plus: Gifted guide to U.K. Schools. United Kingdom: Potential Plus (former NAGC U.K.).
Lancaster, V. (May 2011). Improving health in the workplace around Nyungwe National Park: Master trainer 5-day workshop curriculum and facilitator manual. Rwanda, Africa.
Lancaster, V. (2010). Training student teachers: Principles of classroom learning workshop/facilitator Guide. Unpublished.
Lancaster, V. (2010). Training teachers: Motivating and challenging gifted learners in a multilevel classroom workshop. Unpublished.

Pandemic Teacher Communication, 2021

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Medical Cannabis, San Diego, CA, 2017-2020

Vanessa was commissioned to develop site content and graphics by coordinating copywriting, designing images, icons, banners, and enhancements.

She designed daily, weekly, and seasonal advertising and created a database of over 3000 patients. Vanessa was responsible for online, social media, text, and email communication.

All marketing was handled by Vanessa and developed using Canva and PowerPoint.

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Reference Letters

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  • review-imgVanessa is a startling person to work with. Not just in terms of her area of expertise, but in terms of her passion and knowledge, her dedication and sheer SPEED that she cuts through stuff to get to the nub of something. Vanessa and I have worked together on a number of projects/areas. Her contribution to the work of the Lorna Young Foundation's 'Not Just A Social Enterprise' initiative has been invaluable.

    We worked with her as a consultant and she spent a great deal of time and effort in supporting us to get our curriculum materials/ approach for reaching disadvantaged but gifted kids on par. Vanessa also worked alongside me when a small group of us put together the new 'Guide to Higher Learning Potential - Gifted Children' which was distributed to all UK schools in January 2013.

    This guide was commissioned by the Potential Plus UK (formerly the National Assoc for Gifted Children UK). Vanessa's contribution was impressive, to say the least. I would recommend working with Vanessa to anyone who is serious about bringing on board an expert on the issue of giftedness, higher learning potential, and bringing out the best in those perceived to be 'disadvantaged' (whether in the West or in developing countries). In more ways than one, Vanessa has been a Godsend.

  • review-img

    Vanessa is very detail oriented and thrives in cross-cultural environments. She demonstrated excellent interviewing skills as she assisted me in conducting research and evaluating the efficacy of a non-profit working with schools and communities in rural Uganda.