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Vanessa's Writing & Design LLC


Writer, Editor, Educational Psychologist


Vanessa is an Educational Psychologist and Instructional Designer

Vanessa is a diligent writing and editing professional – Educational Psychologist, and Instructional Designer with ten years of experience writing eLearning and in-person curricula, content for websites, blogs, and educational materials for individuals and organizations. She is positioned to excel in collaborative adult learning and e-learning environments.


She is a polished wordsmith passionate about psychology, adult education, and social and emotional development. Vanessa is dedicated to assisting individuals and organizations in helping vulnerable populations reach their potential.


Based in San Diego, CA, Vanessa is a curriculum designer, and her work is published in Potential Plus, U.K.


Vanessa has completed doctoral work at Eastern Michigan University in Educational Studies with a focus on poverty and its impact on urban, suburban, and rural communities, a master's degree from the teacher education program at Eastern Michigan University in Educational Psychology, and a bachelor's degree in English Composition from San Diego State University.



Click here to see job reference letters from Eastern Michigan University, Macomb Community College, Jhpiego, an affiliate of Johns Hopkins, and the Lorna Young Foundation.

Please find a few of Vanessa's select editing and writing abilities highlighted below:

✔ Proven copy editing and line editing skills and the ability to manage a high volume of copy on tight deadlines
✔ Edit and proofread to correct spelling, grammar, repetition, redundancies, wordiness, ambiguity, punctuation, and sentence structure
✔ Superior research, analysis, synthesis, and presentation writing skills
✔ Proficiency in CMS Platform, Microsofit Office Suite, AP, and APA
✔ Creates detailed notes/suggestions
✔ Copyedits academic and professional manuscripts

As a content manager/instructional developer, Vanessa:

✔Collaborates with public health agencies to create behavior change training

✔ Designs e-learning instructional modules and activities

✔Designs and develops trainer scripts, facilitation guides, and student materials

✔ Organized and launched an innovative and inclusive program for 15,000 African tea farmers who had achieved education up to the 6th grade while under contract with an affiliate of John Hopkins University and a multimillion-dollar USAID grant.

✔ Honed in on Rwandan adult learners' cultural and educational backgrounds to develop a rich, diverse curriculum using educational psychology strategies and learning resources.

✔ Instructed master trainers to use the materials encompassing role-playing and embodied learning projects relevant to Rwandan culture; implemented key teaching strategies with adult learners.

✔ Presented on creating inclusive environments for different learners in February 2014 at the International Globalization, Diversity, & Education Conference.

Vanessa designed this website  


What Does Vanessa Do?

Vanessa is a freelance editor and content writer who has an impeccable eye for detail. As an educational psychologist, Vanessa expertly crafts words that flow with clarity for specific audiences. 

Your business is assured quality when you hire Vanessa as your ghostwriter, editor, content developer, or curriculum designer.



Creative Copywriter

From ghostwriting blogs to copyediting, or writing scientific articles, Vanessa is your huckleberry for all writing needs. 

Content Developer

Vanessa builds engaging and stunning curriculum, modules, and training slides for adult learners. Building and delivering a Public Health curriculum in Rwanda was a highlight of her teaching career. Check out her portfolio


Edit and Proofread

Proofread or copy edits? Vanessa will help you become a more proficient writer. She leaves in-depth feedback and makes suggestions to help your writing improve.

Academic essays, admissions essays, journal submissions, textbook chapters, and any other proofreading and editing needs can be handled by one person: Vanessa.